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Rivers of the Chilean fjords

Virgin rivers in the Fjords of Chile • Browns, Rainbows and Silvers that have never seen a fly • Groups of 4 guests • 53 ft. Hatteras Motor Yacht • 12 years of impeccable safety record • Smooth inland waters

This is Chile’s last frontier, now you can explore the  rivers  that flow from the Andes  Mountains  down  into a vast calm inland sea off the southern coast of Chile. Most of these rivers have never been fished, and although some of them don’t even appear on the charts, they do hold pleasant surprises. You will see rich sea life such as sea lions, penguins, birds and the rare five-foot black dolphin of Chile. All this aboard a comfortable, safe and fully equipped 53 ft. Hatteras motor yacht, with ample exterior decks, separate living and dining areas both with great views to the outside, double passenger staterooms with private baths and showers, separate crew facilities.